Of all the traditional features of western weddings, the winner of “Most Improved” must go to the wedding cake. Think of the staid cakes of yesteryear. Predictable, decorative white icing, (most likely roses or scalloped sea shells) covering three tiers of inedible styrofoam. Looking as petrified and dusty as the sample cakes in the bakery display window! But no longer.

Stylish and Delicious

ruffled wedding cake

We love how this version of the traditional wedding cake takes all those old-fashioned elements- the white icing, the ruffles, the layers, and transforms them into a stunning modern creation. Large rosette ruffles have been seen on designer handbags and clothing in recent years, and are now all the rage in cake décor. We think you can’t go wrong with this elegant cake.  It would be the perfect centerpiece for any style of wedding.

This elegant diamond engagement ring would also perfectly match  your style.

diamond engagement ring

Have Your  Cupcake, and Eat it Too

In the past, wedding cakes were often fake, with the bride and groom pretending to make the ceremonial first slice and then offering guests a pre-wrapped morsel to take home and put under their pillow. Quaint? Maybe, but why not make that all-important nuptial desert a feast for the eyes and the taste buds? Your guests will rave about this tower of cupcakes.  The handwritten signs inviting you to try all the sumptuous flavors add a lovely personal touch.

cupcake tower

Choose a wedding ring with a  personal touch- how about this decoratively  engraved gold wedding ring?

gold wedding ring



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Shoes, dresses, bouquets….. many a bride has spent hours dreaming and designing these elements of her wedding costume.  Yet some women hesitate when it comes to choosing a veil. Are veils too old fashioned? Too conservative and stuffy? Not at all!

Long and Lovely

Veils have been worn by women in many cultures throughout  history as a sign of status, ceremony or  separateness.  All three of these aspects are still symbolized in the traditional wedding veil, as two people celebrate forever their new status as a married couple, no longer separate souls. This lovely, long veil would be perfect for a cathedral wedding. What could be more romantic?

mantilla bridal veil

This romantic engagement ring would also symbolize your union perfectly.

diamond engagement ring

Short and Chic

If your vision of bridal perfection is more fashion-forward than traditional, short veils and fascinators offer a glamorous alternative to a longer veil.  So in style, and so many shapes and fabrics too choose from! From netting to lace, glittering  to floral, the opportunities to make a statement are endless. We love the sophistication of this stylish head piece by Jennifer Behr.

bridal fascinator

Reflect your sophisticated style with an engraved wedding ring like this one.

white gold wedding ring

Crowning Glory

The idea of a bridal veil still feel too formal? Or maybe you just don’t think a veil would suit you. Fear not- there are plenty of options for crowning your wedding ensemble without hiding  your lovely locks. This exquisite handmade comb, available at BHLDN, would set you apart as uniquely beautiful bride.

bridal comb

You could set your love apart with this intricately designed gold wedding ring.

gold wedding ring



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Spring and summer mean gorgeous opportunities to adorn your wedding day with flowers.  But formal flower arrangements and bouquets can easily run thousands of dollars, and have many brides frustrated that the images so lavishly photographed in wedding magazines are simply not within their budget. The solution? Approach your wedding flowers with fresh eyes!

flowers in mason jars

Borrowed Blooms

Got friends with gardens? Ask them to donate!  If you don’t limit yourself by imposing a color scheme, you will likely wind up with more blooms than you can handle. As for arrangements- mismatched mason jars and glass vases can be found in the back of  your Aunt Maude’s kitchen cupboards, and create a lovely vintage country look that is both charming and romantic.

Put some romantic charm on your finger with this lovely diamond engagement ring!

gold and diamond engagement ring

A Simple Bunch

Keep the rustic theme going and do your bouquets yourself (or get your bridesmaids to help). Visit the flower shop the morning of your wedding, choose what is fresh, pretty (and of course reasonably priced) and wrap the stems in rafia and twine. A simple, monochromatic bunch such as this creates quite a refined look, while wildflowers and grasses would suggest innocence and purity.

This simple gold wedding ring would also capture the purity of your love.

gold wedding ring

Pin Your Love

And for him? There are dozens of creative DIY boutonniere ideas online, but we think the traditional floral ones are still the most romantic. This elegant white rose wrapped in brown twine would be easy to make, whether you enlist your girls to help, or lovingly create it yourself.

white rose boutonnierre

And with  all the money you save by forgoing expensive  flower arrangements, you can afford to give him a romantic, elegant  wedding ring.

gold and diamond men's wedding ring






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Spring has Sprung

Ahhhh, spring, and a young woman’s fancy turns to….. weddings! What are the advantages of nuptials in the spring? The symbols of love and new life are everywhere, from the budding blossoms to baby ducklings. There is truly something wonderful about love in springtime- the air is fresh and our hearts are open. Want to look fresh as a spring flower on your wedding day? Try this vintage look-  the short skirt paired with the light, yet traditional veil just seems to sing “young love.”

a bride in knee- length wedding dress

Celebrate  the springtime  of  your young love with this gorgeous diamond and ruby engagement ring.

diamond and ruby engagement ring

Tip Toe (Down the Aisle) Through the Tulips

There are so many beautiful blooms to chose from in April and May. Spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths  and cherry blossoms will give your celebration  the sweet ambience of joyful innocence.  They are also widely available  and quite affordable,  so  staying away from hothouse flowers at this time of year  and choosing what is in season for your bouquets and center-pieces could save you money. No need to hire a florist- spring flowers show best in simple glass vases or jars. These perfect white tulips would make a delightful display.

white tulips in a glass vase

This simple yet stunning men’s wedding ring would also make a delightful display.

men's diamond inlaid wedding ring

April Showers Bring May… Showers?

The one disadvantage to a spring wedding, particularly  in northern climes, is the  unpredictable weather. If hail, thunderstorms and high winds are not your idea of creating a romantic atmosphere, it may be best to plan for the majority of your event to take place indoors. If the weather is lovely, the guest can venture out and enjoy the spring sunshine. And if spring  rain falls on your  photo shoot? Be prepared with an attractive  umbrella, and capture the moment!

bride and groom with clear umbrella

Capture the moment the two of you took shelter from the storm forever with this precious diamond engagement and wedding ring set.

diamond engagement and wedding ring set

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Sophisticated Shades

Think wedding? Think white. Right? Not so, these days! While white may still be the go- to color for brides, wedding color is blooming like a spring garden,  and popping up in so many exciting places!  Brides have always loved “choosing their colors,”  but in the past this was limited to bridesmaid’s dresses and flowers. Now the princess of the day can choose from a  dazzling array of wedding gown possibilities. And forgoing white does not mean abandoning tradition  for garish hues- hot trends for colored wedding gowns include stylish silver and grey, lovely soft pastels and deep vintage  tones.

six colored wedding gowns

How about incorporating stunning, rich color into your wedding rings? The yellow gold  band contrasted with the  scarlet ruby stones of this stunning wedding ring  set would suit a bride of  character and beauty.

gold wedding and engagement ring set, with diamonds and rubies

Passionate Pink

Not sure about “going all the way” with color when it comes to the all-important dress? A  fun  flirty trend we love is the colored underskirt. Some are designed to drop down below the white hem for a more dramatic two-toned look, while  others only peek out when the bride kicks up her heels. Whether you go subtle with a soft peach petticoat, or make a statement with layers of  fuchsia tulle- we think this is a wonderful way to infuse your wedding with romantic, joyful color!

a bride wearing a bright pink underskirt

Add some joyful jewels to your engagement  ring– and your heart will skip a beat every time the colorful sparkle on your finger catches your eye.

diamond engagement ring with rubies

Something Blue

Love color but have your heart set on a pure white gown? Maybe it’s the influence of “Sex in the City”- who can forget Carrie and  her blue Manalo Bhlaniks? Or maybe its just our growing  love for fabulous footwear, but the plain-white satin wedding shoe is becoming a thing of the past. A trend that started with gold and silver strappy heels appearing beneath long white gowns has now opened up a paint box of possibilities, from red cowboy boots to these elegant azure blue  pumps. And did you know that blue is a symbol of purity? What a lovely way to I say “I do!”

bride in blue heels

The sapphires in this elegant  engagement  ring would  also proclaim your love is true blue.

diamond engagement ring with sapphires



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Got a case of the January blahs? What could be a better cure than planning a blissfully warm,  tropical vacation wedding? With destination weddings becoming more and more common, there are plenty of  ideas  and resources available to  help you make all the sumptuous, exotic arrangements.

Here Today, Gone to Bali

While many automatically think of  Hawaii or  the Caribbean  as nuptial hotspots, we suggest you consider traveling somewhere truly  extraordinary- like Bali. Balinese culture envelops you in its fiery  beauty- what better place to start your honeymoon? Your guests would never forget this once in a lifetime experience of exploring this truly unique Indonesian island and many resorts specialize in making your wedding day breathtakingly perfect:

 ocean-view wedding table in Bali

This exotically curved diamond wedding ring will also take your breath away.

curved gold and diamond wedding ring

Get Carried Away

Wedding dresses that must pack into a suitcase are no problem at all, as there are plenty of styles and fabrics that can stow away safely. We advise not fussing with stiff, formal gowns- a beach wedding   amongst the palms is time to experiment with lighter, filmier materials that will float on the breeze- imagine saying “I do” wrapped  in  romantic, flowing white. Or, get inspired by your surroundings- the  deep turquoise of the sea,  the vivid reds and yellows of local flora and fauna- and break with traditional white all together. After all, traveling to the tropics  to wed means passion, and passion means COLOR.  An adventurous, passionate bride would look stunning on  a sandy  shore in this  sea-foam and tangerine gown.

tropical gown

You could  show the true, passionate  colors of your love with this gorgeous diamond and sapphire engagement ring.

diamond and sapphire engagement ring

Destination: Inspiration

But what if a destination wedding is simply out of reach? Bring the fun and color of the tropics to your wedding and make your  special day feel like a journey to a far off paradise by choosing tropical flowers for your bouquets and decor.  This bridal bouquet of  vibrant, contrasting  blooms seems to burst with joy, like your love- something truly out of the ordinary.

tropical bridal bouquet

A divinely detailed diamond and sapphire wedding ring like this one will set your love apart as something truly special, too.

diamond and sapphire wedding ring


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Engaged recently? Spring and Summer seem far too soon to create the wedding of your dreams? If you  think winter is too chilly a time of year to celebrate  your nuptials, think again. Winter Weddings  offer every thing you could wish for  in terms of lovely and creative  options for theme, decor, and  romantic detail.

Snow Queen

You may wonder how to reconcile an indoor wedding with those all-important outdoor wedding photo ops.  It may be a winter wonderland at the local park- so pretty with the snow-covered ground and glittering  icicles  hanging from the trees- but doesn’t the bride look, well, frozen stiff, in her designer strapless wedding gown? Fear not! An exquisite  gown like this one from Rosa Clara will keep you from turning blue, and make you the stunning center of all that winter splendor. winter_wedding_dress_long_sleeve_rosa_clara_24

This regal diamond engagement ring would make you the Queen of Ice.

diamond engagement ring

Deck the Halls

Warming up to a winter wedding day? Start treasure hunting now! After Christmas is a wonderful time to find bargains on icy, silvery baubles to adorn  your wedding hall, feast table or wedding favors.  Tastefully chosen and creatively adapted by you, christmas lights and tree ornaments could add twinkle and shine to your special day. Just be sure to stick to a color theme while shopping – to keep  your wedding from looking “too Christmassy,” we suggest collecting  pearly or or neutral shades contrasted with blue or rich brown.


Love the sparkle of these snowflakes? Your groom’s finger would sparkle too, in this unique  diamond inlaid men’s wedding ring.

diamond men's wedding ring

White Wonders

Getting married in December or January doesn’t mean you need to  miss  out on seasonal  flowers. Poinsettias, a tropical plant that have become associated with Christmas, are both widely available and very economical  mid-winter, and make a  bold yet graceful  floral  statement. You could line the aisle  with dozens, or top each table with one of these graceful plants, and if red seems too obvious a choice for the season,  they are available in other shades- including pink and pale green. We think an all-white poinsettia  display would be winter elegance itself.

white poinsettias

An elegant  bride married at this time of year requires an especially twinkly diamond engagement and wedding ring set.

diamond engagement and wedding ring set

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A Walk on the Wild Side

While the cynical among us may associate weddings with excess and throw-away extravagance- a wonderful new trend in how we celebrate our nuptials could align your special day with Mother Earth. And we’re not just talking about installing recycling bins by the bar or composting the cake. Eco-chic brides infuse nature-inspired style into everything: from the gowns, to the location, to the decor.  Gorgeous  wedding gowns  can be made out of an array of earth-friendly fabrics, including  organic cotton and  hemp silk.  This exquisite feather-adorned wedding gown from  puremagnolia.ca illustrates how going a little  wild can be a beautiful thing.

wedding gown with feathers

The naturally curving  lines of this stunning diamond engagement ring would compliment this look.

diamond engagement ring and wedding ring

Go Green, Go Gorgeous

The location for your wedding can be an endorsement for the earth itself- how about saying your vows in a National Park?  There are so many lovely settings- and by choosing a park close to home you not only reduce the carbon footprint for your guests in getting to and from the event, but your wedding venue becomes an advertisement for the local ecology. You may need a special use permit- so check out the park website well in advance. Imagine your day  surrounded  by the regal beauty of  Sequoia National Park.

wedding at Sequoia National Park

This lovely engraved gold wedding ring also has a regal beauty.

gold wedding ring

Growing Gifts

And what about those party favors? With a little thought, you can send your guests home with not only an elegant souvenir of your wedding, but a gift that will grow  through the years, like your love.  Flower, fruit or vegetable seed packets could be easily customized to suit your wedding style, or how about  a small potted tree, complete with re-planting instructions? Have a look at givetreegifts.com. What a perfectly positive way to unite the beauty of nature with the day you say “I do!”


Your choice of ring should reflect how the perfect love of  your union will grow- symbolized in the twisting floral engravings on this diamond wedding ring.

diamond wedding ring with floral engraving


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Girl Meets Boy, East Meets West

For better or worse, the white wedding dress popularized by Victorian- Era England  spread around the world and changed wedding traditions in many countries. In many cultures, brides did not replace their culture’s wedding clothes, but   simply added a second tradition. Smart brides  around the world  wear their own cultural attire for part of the ceremony and a western gown for other parts of the event, giving women even more opportunities to enjoy bridal finery and prepare for their special day.  Sound like fun? Well  today, no matter from what culture you descend, or where your nuptials will take place, a world of bridal traditions  can be your inspiration. These gorgeous Chinese wedding gowns put all focus on the bride.  What would you choose- the good fortune of  jewel-toned red, the purity of satin-white, or a lovely combination of both?
Two Chinese Bridal Gowns, one red, one white
Put a pop of lucky red on your wedding finger with this lovely ruby and diamond wedding ring.
Ruby and Diamond Wedding Band

Zen Appeal

Perhaps you and your groom  hail from different points on the globe and you want your wedding day to reflect both of your cultural heritages, or maybe you are just an internationally minded kind of gal- in either case, infusing your wedding with Asian style not only opens up a whole new palette of colour and design, it can create a look that makes a truly elegant statement. This Japanese- inspired  orchid bouquet is at the same time perfectly  simple and sumptuously exotic.
And this engagement ring and  wedding ring set also has an exotic twist.
White Gold Twisted Engraved Diamond Engagement and Wedding Ring Set

Sacred Design

Beautifully detailed designs ritualistically painted onto the bride’s hands and feet, the exquisite art of Indian Henna tattoos is now becoming  popular in The West . How to infuse this tradition into your wedding? Perhaps you and your bridesmaids could enjoy this experience together at the rehearsal dinner!  This temporary body art would not only have you looking like Goddess on your wedding day,   but could also inspire a Bollywood honeymoon!
A bride's hands decorated with henna tattoos
This exotic  look would be brilliantly  accented by this  spectacular diamond bracelet.
gold and diamond bracelet

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While many automatically select July and August as the season to tie the knot, nothing celebrates the bounty of your love’s harvest like a September Wedding. As summer’s green turns to gold, the possibilities for reaping a beautiful wedding day are everywhere you turn- how about this simple yet yet glorious sunflower bouquet? These bold and robust flowers seem to declare that the love you and your groom share is as large and golden as the sun.

sunflower bouquet

The glow of this strong, robust men’s wedding ring could also warm your heart on that special day.

gold beveled edge men's ring

Glowing Brides

And while white is the go-to color for most, golden tones can adorn the September bride in harvest splendor. The champagne lace on this gorgeously designed bridal gown from puresomething.com is rich in organic detail, and I adore the chic sash across the waist. Wouldn’t you look stunning in this dress as the late summer sun sets behind the panorama of your wedding day?

champagne wedding dress

Likewise, the twisting design of this exquisite engagement ring evokes both the beauty of nature and the style that only golden shimmer can bring.

twisted gold diamond engagement ring

Fall Feast

All in all, the chance to treat your guests to the  splendor of a September wedding is irresistible. Who wouldn’t want to share the joy of the most golden time of your life by reveling in natures’ most sumptuous season? This wedding feast, laid out beneath the trees, beckons your close friends and family to step into a magical realm of glowing lights and harvest delights.

A decorated table is set with flowers and food beneath laterns hung from a tree.

The leaf engraving wrapped around this gorgeous yellow gold wedding ring promises a love that will grow with every season, and glow with the warmth of gold.

gold leaf engraved diamond engagement ring

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