Girl Meets Boy, East Meets West

For better or worse, the white wedding dress popularized by Victorian- Era England  spread around the world and changed wedding traditions in many countries. In many cultures, brides did not replace their culture’s wedding clothes, but   simply added a second tradition. Smart brides  around the world  wear their own cultural attire for part of the ceremony and a western gown for other parts of the event, giving women even more opportunities to enjoy bridal finery and prepare for their special day.  Sound like fun? Well  today, no matter from what culture you descend, or where your nuptials will take place, a world of bridal traditions  can be your inspiration. These gorgeous Chinese wedding gowns put all focus on the bride.  What would you choose- the good fortune of  jewel-toned red, the purity of satin-white, or a lovely combination of both?
Two Chinese Bridal Gowns, one red, one white
Put a pop of lucky red on your wedding finger with this lovely ruby and diamond wedding ring.
Ruby and Diamond Wedding Band

Zen Appeal

Perhaps you and your groom  hail from different points on the globe and you want your wedding day to reflect both of your cultural heritages, or maybe you are just an internationally minded kind of gal- in either case, infusing your wedding with Asian style not only opens up a whole new palette of colour and design, it can create a look that makes a truly elegant statement. This Japanese- inspired  orchid bouquet is at the same time perfectly  simple and sumptuously exotic.
And this engagement ring and  wedding ring set also has an exotic twist.
White Gold Twisted Engraved Diamond Engagement and Wedding Ring Set

Sacred Design

Beautifully detailed designs ritualistically painted onto the bride’s hands and feet, the exquisite art of Indian Henna tattoos is now becoming  popular in The West . How to infuse this tradition into your wedding? Perhaps you and your bridesmaids could enjoy this experience together at the rehearsal dinner!  This temporary body art would not only have you looking like Goddess on your wedding day,   but could also inspire a Bollywood honeymoon!
A bride's hands decorated with henna tattoos
This exotic  look would be brilliantly  accented by this  spectacular diamond bracelet.
gold and diamond bracelet

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