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Tweet Traditionally, at some point during the engagement, the bride’s friends dress her up in a silly costume and then parade her around the town. This usually happens during the bachelorette party (also called a stagette or hen party). Costumes for the bride to be range from cool, to cute, to very bold (and actually […]

Tweet Here are some fun ideas for your bachelor party, bachelorette, bridal shower, engagement party, or jack and jill. I come across so many Big Fat Fun decorations during my research. Here are some of my favorites, I hope they inspire you to come up with some unique ideas of your own! Let me know, […]

Tweet Last week we looked at some fun prizes/gifts for Bachelorette parties and Bridal Showers. This week we feature gift ideas for the guys… Most of the gifts featured in both of these articles would work well for a Jack and Jill party, too. The Portable Pole Dancer Available online at, you plug her […]

Tweet Here are some ideas for party gifts and prizes. Check out the next post for prizes and gifts suitable for Bachelor Parties (Stag parties). TASTY PRIZES Big Candy Ring A big candy engagement ring is tasty bling for a bridal shower or casual engagement party. You can order the one pictured above at […]

For example I know someone who got slapped in the face with a trout on a fishing trip and showed up at his wedding with two black eyes. Drinks are involved and guests get over exuberant.

Tweet . Jack and Jill parties are getting more popular every year but there seems to be some confusion about what this means. Actually, the term can mean a few different things (some are x-rated) but here we are going to focus on Jack and Jill parties as they relate to weddings! . Jack and […]

Colleen’s advice is valuable for anyone planning a trip with a group of people: whether it’s a stagette, a birthday celebration, or a family vacation.

Tweet Today we start a series of features on wedding events in Las Vegas. Perfect timing if it’s cold where you are right now – just think, right now it is a pleasant 62 F (17 C). That’s down right summer weather where I come from! Not that you have to go outside very much […]

Tweet As promised, I am sharing from the positive side of my old copy of “You an Your Wedding” (written by Winifred Gray, first published 1959 – see my earlier post). The Bridesmaids’ Party According to this book, the “bridesmaids’ party is usually a luncheon” – it can be hosted by the bride, her mother, […]

Tweet Hopefully you trust your man 100% if you are going to marry him. But what about his friends? Here are some tips to help you relax while your man parties it up as a single guy for the last time… Smart Party Pointers for the Bachelorette 1. Plan your Bachelorette for the same night. […]

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