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Tweet Of all the traditional features of western weddings, the winner of “Most Improved” must go to the wedding cake. Think of the staid cakes of yesteryear. Predictable, decorative white icing, (most likely roses or scalloped sea shells) covering three tiers of inedible styrofoam. Looking as petrified and dusty as the sample cakes in the […]

Tweet A Walk on the Wild Side While the cynical among us may associate weddings with excess and throw-away extravagance- a wonderful new trend in how we celebrate our nuptials could align your special day with Mother Earth. And we’re not just talking about installing recycling bins by the bar or composting the cake. Eco-chic […]

Tweet Girl Meets Boy, East Meets West For better or worse, the white wedding dress popularized by Victorian- Era England  spread around the world and changed wedding traditions in many countries. In many cultures, brides did not replace their culture’s wedding clothes, but   simply added a second tradition. Smart brides  around the world  wear […]

Tweet Everything old is all the rage, and a vintage wedding is not only in style, but truly romantic.  Something about the treasures of yesteryear suggest a love that will endure.  You can make every detail of your special day uniquely personalized by including handmade decorations that reflect the whimsy of an earlier time. I […]

Tweet In recent years, the wedding car has been replaced by a generic but classy-looking limo. Here are some great ways to skip the expense of renting a stretch, add some personal flair, and dress up the wedding couples’ car for post-wedding flair. Not-So-Traditional Tin Cans Years ago, the wedding couples’ car would be decked […]

Tweet I’ve always loved air plants, so I’m really into this look! Tillandsia are a type of Bromeliad (the same tropical family as pineapples), commonly called air plants, that don’t require soil to grow. They’re low maintenance, as they only require a light misting every couple of weeks and can survive pretty much anywhere in […]

Tweet In the world of design, Pantone has been the standard for colour since the 1950’s. Since Pantone’s sale in 2007, however, the company has become a household name, selling everything from iPhone apps to color block notebooks. Pantone’s Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango, is from their Spring wedding color line-up. Here are some […]

Tweet Brilliant Boutonnieres The French word boutonniere means ‘buttonhole.’ In the past, men often wore a single flower or bud in the button hole of the left lapel on their jackets. Today, these floral decorations are reserved for special occasions, such as weddings. I’ve collected some interesting boutonniere ideas for modern weddings and you will […]

Tweet If your home is filled with velvet upholstered furniture made out of solid hardwood, or you prefer to find your decor accents on Etsy Vintage rather than a big-box store, you may be looking for a more retro wedding gown. Here are some classic celebrity looks that may interest the more mid-century minded bride. […]

Tweet If you’re a romantic at heart and plan to propose marriage this February 14th, here are some ways to sweep her off her feet in the process. Sentimental Spots Great ideas of a location for a proposal are those “first spots”: where you had your first kiss, your first date, where you met. A […]

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