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Tweet Girl Meets Boy, East Meets West For better or worse, the white wedding dress popularized by Victorian- Era England  spread around the world and changed wedding traditions in many countries. In many cultures, brides did not replace their culture’s wedding clothes, but   simply added a second tradition. Smart brides  around the world  wear […]

Tweet Everything old is all the rage, and a vintage wedding is not only in style, but truly romantic.  Something about the treasures of yesteryear suggest a love that will endure.  You can make every detail of your special day uniquely personalized by including handmade decorations that reflect the whimsy of an earlier time. I […]

Tweet I’ve always loved air plants, so I’m really into this look! Tillandsia are a type of Bromeliad (the same tropical family as pineapples), commonly called air plants, that don’t require soil to grow. They’re low maintenance, as they only require a light misting every couple of weeks and can survive pretty much anywhere in […]

Tweet In the world of design, Pantone has been the standard for colour since the 1950’s. Since Pantone’s sale in 2007, however, the company has become a household name, selling everything from iPhone apps to color block notebooks. Pantone’s Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango, is from their Spring wedding color line-up. Here are some […]

Tweet In our daily lives, eco-conscious choices are more widely available than ever. From what we eat, to cleaning products, to home furnishings and clothing-  the same is true for honeymoon options. Many travelers now purchase carbon offsets to ease their conscience when flying, but here are some other ways to honeymoon that will create […]

Tweet Many newly married couples already have their households set up, so giving them a toaster or a place setting as a wedding gift is becoming increasingly obsolete. Whether they have been living alone, already living together, or have been previously married – their wedding gift wish list will be different from the young engaged […]

Tweet Spring means flowers and weddings – a perfect symbol of this is, of course, the flower girl. What could be cuter than a little girl toddling down the aisle in a pretty dress, scattering rose petals along the way? (Well, sometimes she has some competition from the ring bearer!) Flower girls set the tone […]

Tweet December is a month that seems to be destined  for wonderful memories. Whether you gather around a Christmas tree, a nativity scene, a Menorah, or a Kinara – you’re hopefully spending time with family while you enjoy good times and good food. It is this focus on family that makes a December engagement so […]

Tweet Traditionally, at some point during the engagement, the bride’s friends dress her up in a silly costume and then parade her around the town. This usually happens during the bachelorette party (also called a stagette or hen party). Costumes for the bride to be range from cool, to cute, to very bold (and actually […]

Tweet Spring has been celebrated all over the world, in all types of religions – as far back as you can imagine. When the sun starts shining, the ground under our feet heats up, and the new tender greenery pokes through – it’s hard NOT to get all warm and fuzzy. If that’s not enough […]

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