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Tweet Engaged recently? Spring and Summer seem far too soon to create the wedding of your dreams? If you  think winter is too chilly a time of year to celebrate  your nuptials, think again. Winter Weddings  offer every thing you could wish for  in terms of lovely and creative  options for theme, decor, and  romantic […]

Tweet A Walk on the Wild Side While the cynical among us may associate weddings with excess and throw-away extravagance- a wonderful new trend in how we celebrate our nuptials could align your special day with Mother Earth. And we’re not just talking about installing recycling bins by the bar or composting the cake. Eco-chic […]

Tweet I’ve always loved air plants, so I’m really into this look! Tillandsia are a type of Bromeliad (the same tropical family as pineapples), commonly called air plants, that don’t require soil to grow. They’re low maintenance, as they only require a light misting every couple of weeks and can survive pretty much anywhere in […]

Tweet For many, Thanksgiving is about tradition and family. That makes it a perfect time for you to exchange wedding rings in the company of those you both love most. Celebrate your marriage in style while making memories extra festive with these holiday touches. Bouquets Adding red or burgundy flowers and light, bright colored foliage […]

Tweet ‘Fall’ In Love With These Awesome Autumn Wedding Styles Wow, is it September again? My Big Fat Engagement is celebrating it’s 4th year of articles about engagements and weddings! Today we’re going to look at some colorful and beautiful ways to celebrate a wedding with the warm colours that decorate nature when the weather […]

Tweet It’s not for everyone, but here are some ideas for: A Wedding That Walks on the Dark Side Think skulls, black and other dark colors, and draw inspiration from The Day of the Dead, Halloween, and For more subtle ways to incorporate the color black into your wedding, please read next week’s article; “Black […]

Tweet Personalized chocolate is a great way to share good news, whether it’s an engagement or wedding announcement or just announcing where someone is supposed to sit at a table… Chocolate Diamonds Make some chocolate jewels for a stagette or bridal shower, using this mold from A great excuse for the bride to be […]

Many stores now hold Boxing Day sales for a week. Online stores also have sales. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on all of the things you will need for your wedding. Get a jump start on your wedding planning and save money.

Fall weddings can be so romantic. Autumn colors are rich and vibrant.

Cookies are always a fantastic idea, and they are really great when it comes to weddings.

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