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Tweet The songs played during the wedding reception are important and the song choice for the first dance deserves even more attention. However, I think the most important wedding song decision every couple makes is the decision about what song should be playing during the procession. This is the part of the ceremony where the […]

Tweet If you watch the View, you know Sherry is organizing a choreographed wedding party dance for her big day. A choreographed dance during the reception, also called Rock the Reception, has become very popular with wedding couples over the last few years, thanks to their circulation through YouTube. Weddings of course should be a […]

Tweet It’s June – the most popular month for weddings. In honor of this exciting month, I thought I’d shake things up with some wedding-themed rock videos. White Wedding In White Wedding, Billy Idol sings about a woman he loves who is marrying someone else. The lyrics make it inappropriate for a wedding, yet this […]

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