Spring and summer mean gorgeous opportunities to adorn your wedding day with flowers.  But formal flower arrangements and bouquets can easily run thousands of dollars, and have many brides frustrated that the images so lavishly photographed in wedding magazines are simply not within their budget. The solution? Approach your wedding flowers with fresh eyes!

flowers in mason jars

Borrowed Blooms

Got friends with gardens? Ask them to donate!  If you don’t limit yourself by imposing a color scheme, you will likely wind up with more blooms than you can handle. As for arrangements- mismatched mason jars and glass vases can be found in the back of  your Aunt Maude’s kitchen cupboards, and create a lovely vintage country look that is both charming and romantic.

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gold and diamond engagement ring

A Simple Bunch

Keep the rustic theme going and do your bouquets yourself (or get your bridesmaids to help). Visit the flower shop the morning of your wedding, choose what is fresh, pretty (and of course reasonably priced) and wrap the stems in rafia and twine. A simple, monochromatic bunch such as this creates quite a refined look, while wildflowers and grasses would suggest innocence and purity.

This simple gold wedding ring would also capture the purity of your love.

gold wedding ring

Pin Your Love

And for him? There are dozens of creative DIY boutonniere ideas online, but we think the traditional floral ones are still the most romantic. This elegant white rose wrapped in brown twine would be easy to make, whether you enlist your girls to help, or lovingly create it yourself.

white rose boutonnierre

And with  all the money you save by forgoing expensive  flower arrangements, you can afford to give him a romantic, elegant  wedding ring.

gold and diamond men's wedding ring






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