A Walk on the Wild Side

While the cynical among us may associate weddings with excess and throw-away extravagance- a wonderful new trend in how we celebrate our nuptials could align your special day with Mother Earth. And we’re not just talking about installing recycling bins by the bar or composting the cake. Eco-chic brides infuse nature-inspired style into everything: from the gowns, to the location, to the decor.  Gorgeous  wedding gowns  can be made out of an array of earth-friendly fabrics, including  organic cotton and  hemp silk.  This exquisite feather-adorned wedding gown from  puremagnolia.ca illustrates how going a little  wild can be a beautiful thing.

wedding gown with feathers

The naturally curving  lines of this stunning diamond engagement ring would compliment this look.

diamond engagement ring and wedding ring

Go Green, Go Gorgeous

The location for your wedding can be an endorsement for the earth itself- how about saying your vows in a National Park?  There are so many lovely settings- and by choosing a park close to home you not only reduce the carbon footprint for your guests in getting to and from the event, but your wedding venue becomes an advertisement for the local ecology. You may need a special use permit- so check out the park website well in advance. Imagine your day  surrounded  by the regal beauty of  Sequoia National Park.

wedding at Sequoia National Park

This lovely engraved gold wedding ring also has a regal beauty.

gold wedding ring

Growing Gifts

And what about those party favors? With a little thought, you can send your guests home with not only an elegant souvenir of your wedding, but a gift that will grow  through the years, like your love.  Flower, fruit or vegetable seed packets could be easily customized to suit your wedding style, or how about  a small potted tree, complete with re-planting instructions? Have a look at givetreegifts.com. What a perfectly positive way to unite the beauty of nature with the day you say “I do!”


Your choice of ring should reflect how the perfect love of  your union will grow- symbolized in the twisting floral engravings on this diamond wedding ring.

diamond wedding ring with floral engraving


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