Who Picks the Engagement Ring?

Some families hand down a ring through generations by tradition. Some women go pick out the ring all by themselves. Some women drop hints and hope for the best. Some are completely surprised by the ring that he chose all by himself.

World’s Ugliest Ring #1

“But, honey, I thought it would go well with the warts all over your hand…” Yuck.


My Big Fat Poll: Who Picked the Ring

We polled 20 random women online and here is what we found out:

60% of their guys picked out the rings with little, or no, help at all.

“I’d rather it that way, [it] shows he actual took time and thought about it.”

“He picked it out himself. I don’t really like the style of it, honestly. Don’t get me wrong, I love my ring for the sentimental value, and I’d never “trade it in,” but if I had it to do over, I would have picked out my ring and been very specific with him about what I wanted.”
Only one guy out of the twenty gave his girlfriend his grandmother’s engagement ring (included in the 60% category).

15% of the women picked out the ring all by themselves.

“My husband wanted me to pick out mine. He said that since I was going to have it forever, that he wanted to be sure that I liked it. So, we went together to the jewelry store and I showed it to him, and that’s the one he got me.”

The other 25% of women polled:

“He picked it out himself. He looked at my other rings and just started asking which one of my regular rings i like the most and what about it… but the proposal really was a surprise. I was expecting it soon but not how he did it. I loved everything about it.”

“We went to the jewelry store. I had to pick out three different rings and then I left the store. I did not know which one he chose I did not know when I would get it so it was still a surprise yet it was something I liked and wanted because although the love should be enough. You kind of want the woman to have something that she loves and that is her taste.”

World’s Ugliest Ring #2

“Because I’m in love with your brain, not your body.” Too bad you didn’t use your brain when you were shopping!


Tips for Him

Of course, if you really want the proposal to be a surprise you will have to pick out the engagement ring all by yourself. It is never a good idea to propose without a ring…

In most cases, she is probably expecting a proposal – if not, I would question the decision to propose: perhaps it is too early in the relationship or she doesn’t feel the same way that you do.

Next Week:

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