Traditionally, at some point during the engagement, the bride’s friends dress her up in a silly costume and then parade her around the town.

This usually happens during the bachelorette party (also called a stagette or hen party).

Costumes for the bride to be range from cool, to cute, to very bold (and actually pretty trashy!):

Pink Ladies

Get inspired by the movie Grease and dress up as the Pink Ladies!  You can buy the jackets at costume stores. even offers complete costumes for the different characters, Rizzo shown below:

Start the night off with some pink lady cocktails and 50’s themed appetizers and then cruise the main drag of your town in a rented 50’s car (with designated, sober, driver). End the night off with a pajama party and karaoke sing along to the Grease soundtrack.

Bad Girl Bride

Here is a cute head band from that lets everyone know she’s the bride!

Flashy Bride

This tiara from has flashing lights in red, green, and yellow.

Check out our previous post “Prize Ideas for Bachelorettes and Bridal Showers” for some fun party favor ideas for the event.

Getting Hitched

A sexy cowgirl theme is also a great way to round up some fun! You can get this hat from

The bride to be can wear a white hat that you decorate with a veil and the rest of the girls can wear pink cowboy hats. Don’t forget a holster so that you are ready to sling some shots, like this one from!

Perhaps a lasso so that you can reign in her in if she really starts kicking up her heels? Or you can use it to rope your own cowboy!

Top off the night with a memento that she will have to remember your fun night out long after she is hitched- like this sterling silver lariat necklace.

Disco Queens

If your bride to be has a sense of humor, here’s an inexpensive way from to make your group stand out in the crowd!

Encourage everyone to dress in 70’s style clothing. You can be silly and sexy at the same time (think high boots, mini skirts, oversized sunglasses…). Present the guest of honor with this disco ball inspired necklace: it’s subtle enough to wear every day and sure to put a smile on her face when she remembers the good times she had on her night out! Priced under $40, everyone might want to buy one as a memento.

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