I’ve always loved air plants, so I’m really into this look! Tillandsia are a type of Bromeliad (the same tropical family as pineapples), commonly called air plants, that don’t require soil to grow. They’re low maintenance, as they only require a light misting every couple of weeks and can survive pretty much anywhere in a house. They’ve started turning up everywhere recently, including wedding websites. There are many different varieties of air plants, so you can create your own unique look with them as well. Here are some ideas:

Bromeliad Bouquets

tillandsia-wedding- bouquet-jewelry

This wedding of two design-centric people has a modern yet earthy feel. The bride had a fantastic bouquet that let the simplicity and elegance of her gown take center stage.


This wedding band for him reflects that same concept.


Tabletop Tillandsia


Air plants can also work as inexpensive conversation starters for table centerpieces. The plants themselves are interesting, unique and require little in the way of display. Using plants instead of cut flowers is an easy way to “green” your wedding, too.

Here are some beautiful matching diamond wedding bands that are also unique and look great!

Air Plant Guest Favors


These fun wedding favors are available at Robin Charlotte’s Etsy Shop. She also sells supplies to make them into a dual functioning item: you can use them as place markers as well. They make great mementos for guests of your wedding day.


These silver charms also make great mementos and thank you gifts for the girls in your wedding party.

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