Got a case of the January blahs? What could be a better cure than planning a blissfully warm,  tropical vacation wedding? With destination weddings becoming more and more common, there are plenty of  ideas  and resources available to  help you make all the sumptuous, exotic arrangements.

Here Today, Gone to Bali

While many automatically think of  Hawaii or  the Caribbean  as nuptial hotspots, we suggest you consider traveling somewhere truly  extraordinary- like Bali. Balinese culture envelops you in its fiery  beauty- what better place to start your honeymoon? Your guests would never forget this once in a lifetime experience of exploring this truly unique Indonesian island and many resorts specialize in making your wedding day breathtakingly perfect:

 ocean-view wedding table in Bali

This exotically curved diamond wedding ring will also take your breath away.

curved gold and diamond wedding ring

Get Carried Away

Wedding dresses that must pack into a suitcase are no problem at all, as there are plenty of styles and fabrics that can stow away safely. We advise not fussing with stiff, formal gowns- a beach wedding   amongst the palms is time to experiment with lighter, filmier materials that will float on the breeze- imagine saying “I do” wrapped  in  romantic, flowing white. Or, get inspired by your surroundings- the  deep turquoise of the sea,  the vivid reds and yellows of local flora and fauna- and break with traditional white all together. After all, traveling to the tropics  to wed means passion, and passion means COLOR.  An adventurous, passionate bride would look stunning on  a sandy  shore in this  sea-foam and tangerine gown.

tropical gown

You could  show the true, passionate  colors of your love with this gorgeous diamond and sapphire engagement ring.

diamond and sapphire engagement ring

Destination: Inspiration

But what if a destination wedding is simply out of reach? Bring the fun and color of the tropics to your wedding and make your  special day feel like a journey to a far off paradise by choosing tropical flowers for your bouquets and decor.  This bridal bouquet of  vibrant, contrasting  blooms seems to burst with joy, like your love- something truly out of the ordinary.

tropical bridal bouquet

A divinely detailed diamond and sapphire wedding ring like this one will set your love apart as something truly special, too.

diamond and sapphire wedding ring


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