Sophisticated Shades

Think wedding? Think white. Right? Not so, these days! While white may still be the go- to color for brides, wedding color is blooming like a spring garden,  and popping up in so many exciting places!  Brides have always loved “choosing their colors,”  but in the past this was limited to bridesmaid’s dresses and flowers. Now the princess of the day can choose from a  dazzling array of wedding gown possibilities. And forgoing white does not mean abandoning tradition  for garish hues- hot trends for colored wedding gowns include stylish silver and grey, lovely soft pastels and deep vintage  tones.

six colored wedding gowns

How about incorporating stunning, rich color into your wedding rings? The yellow gold  band contrasted with the  scarlet ruby stones of this stunning wedding ring  set would suit a bride of  character and beauty.

gold wedding and engagement ring set, with diamonds and rubies

Passionate Pink

Not sure about “going all the way” with color when it comes to the all-important dress? A  fun  flirty trend we love is the colored underskirt. Some are designed to drop down below the white hem for a more dramatic two-toned look, while  others only peek out when the bride kicks up her heels. Whether you go subtle with a soft peach petticoat, or make a statement with layers of  fuchsia tulle- we think this is a wonderful way to infuse your wedding with romantic, joyful color!

a bride wearing a bright pink underskirt

Add some joyful jewels to your engagement  ring– and your heart will skip a beat every time the colorful sparkle on your finger catches your eye.

diamond engagement ring with rubies

Something Blue

Love color but have your heart set on a pure white gown? Maybe it’s the influence of “Sex in the City”- who can forget Carrie and  her blue Manalo Bhlaniks? Or maybe its just our growing  love for fabulous footwear, but the plain-white satin wedding shoe is becoming a thing of the past. A trend that started with gold and silver strappy heels appearing beneath long white gowns has now opened up a paint box of possibilities, from red cowboy boots to these elegant azure blue  pumps. And did you know that blue is a symbol of purity? What a lovely way to I say “I do!”

bride in blue heels

The sapphires in this elegant  engagement  ring would  also proclaim your love is true blue.

diamond engagement ring with sapphires



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