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After reading “Unique Ways To Announce Your Engagement,” Amanda shared how she announced her engagement to her mom:

My boyfriend proposed via a [pictogram], so I sent a picture of the [it] to my mom by email and asked her if she could figure out the riddle. When she couldn’t, I sent a picture of my ring and told her that the picture might help her figure it out. She did.

We asked Amanda to send us a copy of the cryptogram. Here it is:

Pictogram Proposal

Unique Marriage Proposals: Will You Marry Me in Pictures Pictogram

“Will you marry me?”

Amanda’s boyfriend took his best (screen)shot and she said “Yes.” Congratulations Amanda and Aaron! Who knew a computer could be so romantic? You two make such a cute couple!

Aaron's unique marriage proposal to Aaron

Is He Speaking in Code?

Communication is so important in relationships, but sometimes it’s fun to use code. It can be very exciting to try to decipher a coded message, particularly when it has such a happy message. Sure, you can just get down on one knee and propose in short, clearly posed proposal (“Will You Marry Me?”) but why not make it your own unique memory?

Big Fat Ideas

Here are some of our own big fat ideas for how you can make your wedding proposal unique with codes and puzzles.

Please Mr. Postman – Letter Jumble

Cut out the letters for Will You Marry Me and then mix them up. Mail a few letters inside an envelope each day. Once your intended receives all of the letters they can start to rearrange them to decipher the message (they will probably start trying earlier, so keep this in mind when you decide which letters to send).

Another great idea: include some extras in each envelope – perhaps mementos of your time as a couple.

Crossword Question

If your special woman (or man) is into crosswords, you could make your own and have all of the answers relate to your couple-dom. You can do this yourself (use a program like Excel or an online program) or order online from a company like

Big Fat Examples

Are You In A Love HTML Relationship?

Here is one good example of a time when you are HAPPY that he is speaking to you in code (HTML code, that is…) The creators of the webcomic The Joy of Tech agree to use their powers for good by helping one of their readers propose to his girlfriend (click here to see the comic).

Image: Nitrozac and Snaggy, Joy of Tech,

Geek Love

In another example, user Falkkin posts this:

Unique Marriage Proposals in HTML code

Thirteen minutes later, user Vortacist replies with “Yes! :)”

Spell It Out For Me

Not really ‘code,’ but this Wisconsin Marquette University student still gets an ‘A’ for effort.

Will you marry me in Christmas Lights

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