Whether you are looking for a dress appropriate for your themed wedding or you just want something different – here are some great resources for you.

Retro, Pin Up Style Dresses

Fans of styles from the 40’s and 50’s will love the dresses at Whirlingturban.com. This company was created by a former Hollywood costume designer, Katherine Robinson, and the dresses are just beautiful! Perfect for a Hollywood Glamour, Rock and Roll, Tropical Destination, or Las Vegas wedding.

Hawaiian Wedding

Hawaiian Wedding

Medieval Wed

Gothicweddingdresses.webs.com promotes itself as the largest and best alternative wedding dress online shop. It does have a wide selection of vintage-style, medieval, gothic, and ‘dark princess’ dresses. Very nice.

Make It Yourself

This dress was featured at offbeatbrides.com – this site is an extremely helpful site if you don’t want a princessy super squishy wedding.




You can still stand out in a traditional long white dress if you focus on unique hair, jewelry, shoes, gloves, or wraps. I recently attended a wedding where the bride wore a strapless full length white dress. Her blonde hair was done up in pin curls with hot pink highlights. Matching hot pink stilettos occasionally poked out from her dress.

Winter Wedding


Happy Feet

Betsy Johnson

Betsy Johnson


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