Of all the traditional features of western weddings, the winner of “Most Improved” must go to the wedding cake. Think of the staid cakes of yesteryear. Predictable, decorative white icing, (most likely roses or scalloped sea shells) covering three tiers of inedible styrofoam. Looking as petrified and dusty as the sample cakes in the bakery display window! But no longer.

Stylish and Delicious

ruffled wedding cake

We love how this version of the traditional wedding cake takes all those old-fashioned elements- the white icing, the ruffles, the layers, and transforms them into a stunning modern creation. Large rosette ruffles have been seen on designer handbags and clothing in recent years, and are now all the rage in cake décor. We think you can’t go wrong with this elegant cake.  It would be the perfect centerpiece for any style of wedding.

This elegant diamond engagement ring would also perfectly match  your style.

diamond engagement ring

Have Your  Cupcake, and Eat it Too

In the past, wedding cakes were often fake, with the bride and groom pretending to make the ceremonial first slice and then offering guests a pre-wrapped morsel to take home and put under their pillow. Quaint? Maybe, but why not make that all-important nuptial desert a feast for the eyes and the taste buds? Your guests will rave about this tower of cupcakes.  The handwritten signs inviting you to try all the sumptuous flavors add a lovely personal touch.

cupcake tower

Choose a wedding ring with a  personal touch- how about this decoratively  engraved gold wedding ring?

gold wedding ring



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